Harsch Investment Properties President Jordan Schnitzer recognized by Portland Trail Blazers
Sept. 30, 2013

Harsch President Jordan Schnitzer poses with the Blazers' Premium Seating Coordinator Julie DeCourcey and Premium Seating Manager John Goodwin. It was 37 years ago that developer and arts patron Schnitzer, having just graduated from law school, called up family friend Harry Glickman to inquire about becoming a season ticket holder. He jokes, "I often wonder if it was my purchasing those tickets that led to the National Championship that year." While that momentous season has yet to be duplicated, his enthusiasm for the team has not wavered. "By the time fall comes, I can't wait to get in the now newly-named Moda (Center) and watch my favorite players and the new team members, and feel the energy and excitement of the best fans in the NBA, our Portland 6th Man team." He has been recently impressed with the players' attitudes towards the fans, because "it's important that their character reflect our Northwest values." As a businessman himself, Jordan understands the importance of serving the customer. "In any business, you honor and serve your customer, because without the customer, no business would survive. And therefore, it's nice to see a current team, in my opinion, understand and appreciate their customers."

His praise for the franchise extends beyond that to Paul Allen and the front office staff, noting that, "his choice of Chris McGowan was a very smart business decision. Chris seems to have set a constructive tone to the way he's managing the team and his staff." And with another perfectly-articulated thought, Jordan Schnitzer verbalizes the feeling we all experience each upcoming season: "In the end, while I'm still waiting for a repeat of the 1976-1977 year, what I want most of all is too see our Blazer team be the best they can be and go out there every day with the kind of energy and heart that makes us go home being proud to be a Blazer fan."