Jordan Schnitzer's art collections featured in art ltd magazine
Jan. 6, 2014
This article from art ltd magazine discusses how Jordan Schnitzer fell in love with art and began a lifetime of art patronage.  Author Richard Speer explains that Schnitzer's extensive contemporary print collections are loaned without exhibition fees to qualifying museums. He also collects paintings, sculptures and mixed-media works. The Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation has lent works to nearly 50 museums around the country and a few internationally.  It also funds educational outreach programs supporting the exhibitions.

The article says:

"Sometimes tears well in Jordan Schnitzer's eyes when he talks about an artwork that inspires him. To spend time with him is to witness a disarmingly direct emotional connection between a man and his aesthetic fuel--a connection that isn't always a given with collectors. Often, it's the nitty-gritty of the deal or the adrenaline rush of the auction that drives collectors, but Schnitzer, first and foremost, is a lover of the art object and the experience of sharing those objects with others. He has parlayed that love--and the considerable resources of his family business, Harsch Investment Properties--into a lifetime of arts patronage centering around artists and institutions in the Northwest, while also amassing one of the United States' preeminent private collections of modern and contemporary prints."