Save Plaza 520 from Becoming a Heavy Industrial Rail Yard
June 4, 2014
Sound Transit is currently evaluating Harsch Investment Properties' entire Plaza 520 property in Bellevue, Washington, as well as adjoining properties up to and including the Acura Dealership, as one of three possible Eastside locations for a future Sound Transit Link Light Rail heavy-industrial maintenance base for its trains. This would displace more than 40 small businesses and non-profits who call this site home.

As tenants and stewards of Plaza 520, we strongly oppose selection of this site by Sound Transit. Should Sound Transit select the Plaza 520 property, Harsch would be forced to sell through eminent domain, and all tenants would be forced to relocate. Siting the maintenance facility at the Plaza 520 site adds an industrial facility to an area identified for increased employment and commercial uses.

Take action now by signing the petition at The last day for public comments is June 23rd.