Businesses Not on Board with Rail Yard at Plaza 520, Reports Puget Sound Business Journal
June 5, 2014
The Puget Sound Business Journal reports that Eastside Washington businesses "aren't on board" with Sound Transit's plan to site a 25-acre heavy-industrial rail yard in Bellevue, Washington. Sound Transit is currently evaluating Harsch Investment Properties' entire Plaza 520 property, as well as adjoining properties up to and including the Acura Dealership, as one of four possible locations for a future Sound Transit Link Light Rail maintenance base for its trains. This would displace more than 40 small businesses and non-profits who call this site home.

The article reports that a public hearing will be held June 5th at the Coast Bellevue Hotel. "It is incomprehensible that Sound Transit is considering a heavy industrial use here," said Rob Aigner, Senior Vice President and Seattle Regional Manager at Harsch. "Small business owners need to be made aware and weigh in now."

Visit for all news coverage of the proposed rail yard and sign the petition against its siting at Plaza 520. Take action now: the last day for public comments is June 23rd.