Jordan Schnitzer and Arlene Schnitzer Named AFO's 2015 Honored Citizens
June 5, 2015

Architecture Foundation of Oregon (AFO) celebrates two Oregon natives, each of whom has contributed thoughtfully and generously to our designed and built environment. Representing two generations of an important Oregon family, the honorees—Arlene Schnitzer and her son, Jordan Schnitzer, President of Harsch Investment Properties—have separately and together supported art, design and development in ways that have created significant advances for those fields. From a tradition of commitment, a passion for community, and a strong sense of legacy, Arlene and Jordan are among Oregon’s best examples of successful transference of these values from one generation to the next for the benefit of the family, their particular community interests, and the greater good.

We look forward to celebrating both Arlene Schnitzer and Jordan Schnitzer as AFO’s 2015 Honored Citizens. The celebratory dinner is a place to learn about their diverse contributions that create a designed and built environment worthy of our beautiful Pacific Northwest. We hope you will join us on Tuesday, October 27, at the Oregon Convention Center for what we promise will be an extraordinary evening.

More information on the event can be found here.