Harsch President Jordan Schnitzer and SVP John Ramous Discuss Real Estate in Las Vegas Business Press
July 27, 2015
Reporter Robert Horne interviewed Harsch Investment Properties President Jordan D. Schnitzer and SVP/Las Vegas Regional Manager John Ramous about the real estate business in Southern Nevada in the Las Vegas Business Press. Jordan Schnitzer shares how the company was able to get through the recession and increase occupancy in its Las Vegas portfolio to where it is today, between 97-98%: "In the real estate business, as long as you don’t get overleveraged, have the cash flow, a dedicated team, and a have a relationship of integrity with banks and lenders, you can get through the tough times as we did," Schnitzer explained.

The article continues, "Harsch is poised to continue to develop its Southern Nevada portfolio. Ramous said the business-friendly atmosphere developed by local municipalities and state government is one reason the company is excited about the valley . . . Schnitzer added that the same reasons he decided to expand into the Las Vegas Valley in 1994 are still here more than 20 years later."

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