Jordan Schnitzer Discusses Northgate Business Park Acquisition with Sacramento Business Journal
Aug. 14, 2015
Harsch Investment Properties President Jordan Schnitzer dicussed his company's latest acquisition with reporter Ben van der Meer in the Sacramento Business Journal. Harsch purchased Northgate Business Park, a 153,791 square-foot industrial flex property in the suburb of Natomas, last week, bringing the number of properties in Harsch's Sacramento portfolio to 20.

Jordan Schnitzer explains that the wave of new development interest in the area has come from the end of its flood-related building ban. “Now that the moratorium is no longer in place, I think you’ll see very solid, steady growth for a while,” Schnitzer said. He described plans to update roofs and HVAC systems, and added the company sees tenants as members of a family, which helps explain why Harsch is planning other site improvements to signage and landscaping. “To us, it’s like inviting people into your living room,” he said.

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