Harsch President Jordan Schnitzer Discusses Family Philanthropy on KOIN's "Where We Live"
Aug. 24, 2015

Ken Boddie explores the history of Portland's Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in his "Where We Live" segment on KOIN 6. Harsch Investment Properties President Jordan Schnitzer shares the story behind the naming of the building.

According to the video, when the former Paramount Theatre underwent a $10 million renovation in 1983, the project was a few million dollars short. But with the help of Harsch Investment Properties Founder Harold Schnitzer, it would be completed. "He said, 'you bet I’ll help, but I’d like to have it named in honor of my wife because she’s done so much for the arts,'"Jordan explained regarding his father's donation to the historic building, now named after his mother, Arlene Schnitzer.

Today, the Concert Hall is a national landmark and the home of the Oregon Symphony.

Watch the video from KOIN 6.