Harsch President Jordan Schnitzer Shares the Story of Director Park on KOIN's "Where We Live"
Sept. 8, 2015
Ken Boddie explores the history of Portland's Director Park in his "Where We Live" segment on KOIN 6. Harsch Investment Properties President Jordan Schnitzer shares the story behind the naming of the downtown plaza, named for his maternal grandparents, Simon and Helen Director.

The space was created as a tribute to education and community. “It was to honor, not only my grandparents that were important to me, but everyone’s grandparents,” Schnitzer explained. “In essence, [without] ancestors… we wouldn’t have what we have today.”

Jordan Schnitzer contributed $2 million toward the $10 million plaza. “I’ve been blessed with being a citizen of this community,” he said. “How lucky I’ve been.”

Above, Jordan Schnitzer is pictured at the dedication of Director Park.

Watch the video from KOIN 6.