SGCI Names Harsch President Jordan D. Schnitzer Distinguished Advocate of Printmaking
March 29, 2016
SGC International has announced that it will honor Jordan D. Schnitzer, President of Harsch Investment Properties, with the Distinguished Advocate of Printmaking Award at the SGCI 2016 Conference: FLUX Portland.

The 2016 SGCI Conference Steering Committee decided unanimously to give Jordan Schnitzer this award in recognition of his outstanding leadership and tireless efforts in supporting every aspect of printmaking in the Northwest region. Jordan’s vision and willingness to offer access to his collections for curators building exhibitions, for research and curricular activities within academic institutions, and for the promotion of scholarship around printmaking is transformative for the field.

Jordan Schnitzer’s continued support of printmaking initiatives and programs continues to have a tremendous impact on the printmaking community in the region. Printmaking could not have a more committed advocate and supporter. SGC International expresses the gratitude of printmakers, scholars, curators, and print lovers everywhere through this award.

The SGCI Awards Ceremony will be held Saturday, April 2nd, 5:00pm at the Marriott Downtown Waterfront, Portland, OR.

In addition, the Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation and the Pacific Northwest College of Art MFA in Print Media program will co-present Lifetime Achievement Award Exhibition: James Rosenquist, part of the SGCI 2016 Conference. Jordan Schnitzer will speak on the conference's Keynote Panel on James Rosenquist along with PNCA Center for Contemporary Art & Culture Director Mack McFarland, and master printers James Reid (Gemini G.E.L.) and Maurice Sanchez (Derriere L’Etoile Studios).