Jordan Schnitzer Hopes to Bring New Life to Downtown Pendleton, Reports My Columbia Basin
May 24, 2016
My Columbia Basin reports that Harsch President Jordan Schnitzer "hopes to bring new life" to Downtown Pendleton, OR, with Harsch Investment Properties' latest acquisition of a long-vacant bank on Main Street.

Reporter Terry Murray writes, "A long-time supporter of the Pendleton Round-Up from Portland purchased the structure at an auction recently, and he hopes he’ll find at least a temporary use for the space by September."

“I sure would like to see something happening by the time Round-Up comes,” said Jordan Schnitzer. He notes that he would be pleased to see the space used by a local community group, such as Crow's Shadow Institute for the Arts or the Pendleton Center for the Arts, both of which he is a supporter. He also adds that he would also be open to leasing to for-profit retailers, such as a brewery or popup shops, to "make the space alive."

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