Harsch's House Spirits Distillery Development Project Wins Commercial Real Estate Award from Portland Business Journal
June 6, 2016
Harsch Investment Properties has received a Commercial Real Estate Award from the Portland Business Journal for the House Spirits Distillery development project. House Spirits Distillery, now celebrating more than a decade as the cornerstone of Portland's craft distillery community, opened the doors to its brand new $6 million distillery in the city's famed Distillery Row, located in the Central Eastside Industrial District. The new distillery, which provides six times the distilling capacity and creates a much-expanded tasting room and visitor experience, marks a major milestone for not only the company, but the broader craft distilling industry. In its new home, House Spirits Distillery becomes the largest distilling operation in the entire Pacific Northwest.

Harsch President Jordan Schnitzer accepted an award as the owner and developer of the project, along with House Spirits Distillery and project partners Mackenzie, Osmose Design, Lorentz BruunLaurence Ferar & Associates, and Dirk Otis of Macadam Forbes.

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