FBI Relocates Sacramento Office to Roseville Community
Oct. 26, 2016
The Roseville & Granite Bay Press Tribune reports that the FBI has relocated its Sacramento office to the City of Roseville. Reporter Graham Womack writes, "It isn’t just the new, LEED-certified building at 2001 Freedom Way that has city staff and developers optimistic. It’s the adjacent 34 acres of developable land that Harsch Investment Properties built roads, water and sewer for as part of its sale to the FBI’s developer, Cunningham Development Company, approximately one year ago. (...) In time, there could be more development on the surrounding land."

“We’re going to take our time,” Harsch Senior Vice President, Sacramento Regional Manager John Shorey told the Press Tribune. “Since we’re in it for the long term, we want to make sure we make good decisions for everybody.”

Roseville Economic Development Director Chris Robles said the city isn’t looking to turn a profit with the FBI office, but that the new employees help the city and bring income to the community.

Pictured above: Harsch SVP/Sacramento Regional Manager John Shorey, Harsch SVP Development John Gordon, Harsch President Jordan Schnitzer, Cunningham Development Company VP Mike Cunningham, VLMK Principal Chris Palmateer

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