Portland Volunteers Mend Books to Distribute to Underserved Communities
May 25, 2017
Children living in poverty often enter kindergarten lacking the foundational skills critical for learning to read. Studies show children need daily at-home experiences with books to increase their exposure to the written word, literature, and a variety of informational topics, concepts, vocabulary, and cultures. The development of early literacy skills through early experiences with books and stories is directly linked to a child's success in learning to read. The harsh reality is that two thirds of low-income families own no books for their children. With nearly one in five urban preschoolers living below the federal poverty level, the need for books is huge. 

The Children’s Book Bank of Portland wants to develop every child's natural love of books and improve the "Book Gap" one child at a time. Last week, Harsch's Portland volunteers spent their time giving back by cleaning and mending gently-used books to be redistributed to children in need. A big shout out to Colin Wray, Elaine Patton, Mikaela Ehly, Catherine Churchwell, Kristen Engfors-Boess, Elin Hammarberg, Melanie Clark, and Rojita Raghubansh for volunteering their time & efforts to the Children's Book Bank!