Harsch's Marketing Department Volunteers with Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals
May 31, 2017
Rounding out Harsch's Volunteer Month is the Marketing Department in Portland, who put their time and effort into helping animals at Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals (OFOSA). The organization has grown from a small kitchen table operation with a handful of passionate animal lovers to become a respected leader in this cause, helping to support several local shelters, rescues and hundreds of foster homes. OFOSA transports thousands of animals every year out of overcrowded kill shelters from as far away as California. They have skilled and trained medical staff with a fully functioning spay and neuter clinic, providing thousands of surgeries per year which allows them to be one of the few shelters in the Northwest that will tackle hard to treat medical illnesses and infections such as ringworm and the parvo virus. 

From OFOSA: “Every animal that we get at OFOSA is unique in personality and circumstance, however, we follow the same specific processes to provide the best possible outcome for a healthy, happy animal and a successful adoption.”
Many thanks to Susanne Orton, Shannon Grosswiler, Mikaela Ehly, Deann Orr, Caitlin Pihl, and Dal Perry for cleaning out kennels, disinfecting cages, and taking on very hard task of snuggling stray puppies and kittens waiting for their forever homes.

Harsch Portland Volunteers-2