Harsch's Rojita Raghubansh Discusses Corporate Wellness Programs with Oregon Business Magazine
July 20, 2017
Dan Cook, reporter for Oregon Business magazine, gives a fresh perspective on how a few companies have seen significant gains in participation and health care success while implementing wellness programs: others are still struggling to make a mark.
There have been some impressive successes from Oregon employers like SAIF whose 10-year investment has made meaningful gains, but companies are finding the ROI measurements difficult. 
Rojita Raghubansh, senior vice president for HR and Risk Management for Harsch Investment Properties, thinks the ROI can and should be tracked, but how? “A key factor should be how wellness programs target specific needs of the companies and employees,” says Raghubansh.
The Oregon’s workers comp company SAIF started its program ten years ago and now uses a platform called Virgin Pulse. The platform allows employees to track steps and making healthy choices. If employees are working the program, SAIF sees that the employees get discounts to health insurance premiums and deductibles. 
An astounding 99% of the employees of SAIF employees are in the program.
As impressive as that sounds, most employers have yet to find a truly winning formula. The programs are not going away, as companies see the importance of increasing workplace engagement, reducing insurance claims and shoring up benefits packages for recruiting and retention.

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